Genuine Offline Typing Work From Home

Type of work: Offline Typing Job
Eligibility: Typing speed 35wpm-40wpm(min)
Best suits to: Housewife, Retired person and for those who wanna work from home.
Duration: 16-18 days
Earning range: 10-14k 

Description: These projects are provided by book publishers to software companies or small scale groups or teams. These are based on accuracy, anyone can easily find these type of work online but there is a registration fee which is refundable if accuracy is above 50% for four months. And its a one year contract, after one year if you want to continue, you have to renew the agreement. 
They provides you scan copies/pages of books which need to be typed in a notepad and to be saved in html format. For ex, the file name is UAE0b12345, after typing the data in notepad the file need to be saved as UAE0b12345.html

They provide 230-250 files in a slot, each file contains 47 lines, it needs a bit of patience and hard work to achieve 90-100% accuracy and payment will be full.

They calculate the accuracy like this:(approx.)

90.1% - 100.0% = Rs.10000/-
80.1% - 90.0% = Rs.7500/-
70.1% - 80.0% = Rs.5000/-
60.1% - 70.0% = Rs.2500/-
50.1% - 60.0% = Rs.1250/-
Below 50.1% = NIL.

 There are some parameters of rejection also, some of them are 

• File name given is wrong, title mistake, page mistake. (Including the zip folder name)
• Incomplete file.
• HTML not used
• Total number of image files and notepad files are different.
• Extra temporary files found or file not zipped.
• Font size not in round figure.
• Other page data found. 

So you can say its a little risky job but if done with a concentration and effort then this is the best for home makers retired persons and those who are interested to do some part time.

Note: this information is totally based on my personal experience, those who wants more information can leave a comment with their mail id