The Truth Behind Cheating (6 surprising Facts)

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This my first article, thought to write something which is useful and motivational. Why I have choose this topic?? Answer is Now a days relationships are really tough to understand still people judge others; several couples are going through tough times in this era, it is better to hold on, think once, understand each other and then take a decision. I am sure this will help the Women out there suffering; to calm down and get more enthusiasm and the Men; to understand the situation and solve their confusion.

What The Experts Says:

Fact@1: Most Men are still in love with their Wives when they cheat
Yes it is bit tough to digest that they cheated but they have not fallen out of love, they are just a bit dissatisfied, Psychologist Andra Brosh PhD says "we more often think of women complaining about a lack of romance, but men feel it too". He says "they frequently suffer in silence believing that they cant get what they want from their spouse". To come over this situation and avoid in future, plan some night outs, talk about each other, future, dreams, fantasies be as close as you can to his likes and dislikes. 

Fact@2: Men Cheat To Save Their Marriages
Susan Mandel Phd Family Therapist says "Men love their spouse but they don't know how to fix their relationship problem so they go outside their marriages to fix any holes." Try to discuss each and every concerns to each other instead of sharing it with family members or friends, it will grow confidence in you and will make you bold enough to share and solve.  

Fact@3: Men hate themselves after affair
Its a happy fact to know at the same time very sensitive situation because you need to support him and forgive. “If he puts his ego to the side, he’ll feel like a piece of garbage,” says relationship expert Charles J. Orlando, author of The Problem with Women...Is Men. Most men when feel cheater can also feel as though he failed as a man.

Fact@4: A Couple cant work it out when the husband is in the midst of an affair
Whatever a women does it will not drag him out of the hot new romance though they agree to work on things, the only key is Prevention and the husband has to decide on his own that life will not be better with the other woman. “Women often turn from a loving girlfriend into a nagging wife. Men aren’t attracted to that.” So try to be the girlfriend whom he loved earlier, surprise him, send love notes spend quality time and make him feel special.

Fact@5: Affairs can often fix a marriage 
Although a new relationship is exciting, “an affair can rekindle the marriage,” says Orlando. “Men realize who they want for the rest of their lives and that the new relationship isn't as perfect as they thought.” If it was truly a one-time slip, it’s possible to get back on track. So give it a second chance but be careful enough as you are going to be with someone who has such a less self-control.

Fact@6: The wife’s not to blame if her husband cheats on her. 
If your husband is unfaithful, it’s not your fault, no matter what people say. Dr. Brosh says that “When a man cheats, he’s making a conscious choice to do it,” he continues “The idea of being pushed into the arms of another woman is an expression, not a reality.” and “Men don’t cheat because of who she is; they cheat because of who they’re not,” he says. “The ‘fault’ is that the signs of disconnection have been ignored by both parties.” 

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