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15 July 2013

Idioms And Phrases in Hindi And Their Meaning / Kahavathein

There are several proverbs in Hindi Language that can be used as a inspirational and informative quotes, some are such impressive exactly express the present situation, here i have tried my best to pick some best and translate for better understanding. Some can be directly found in English, some just translated.

"Thotha Chana Baje Ghana"
or "Adhbhari gagari chalakat jaye"
 Both have the same meaning - Empty vessels sounds much, those who have less knowledge tries to speak much to show that they know a lot.

"Jaisi Karni Vaisi Bharni"
In English you can say "What Goes Around Comes Around"
It Means whatever you do good or bad the same will happen to you.

"Ek Haath Se Taali Nahi Bajti'
It Takes Two To Make A Quarrel - If there is some problem between two people, it cant be one's mistake, both are equally responsible.

"Joh Garajte Hain Wo Barasthe Nahi"
Barking Dogs Seldom Bite - Those who shout or threaten others doesn't have the courage to do anything more then that.

"Mukh Mein Raam Bagal Mein Churi"
A Honey Tongue, A Heart Of Gall - It represents to someone who speaks very nice in front of you but have bitter feelings inside.

"Naach Na Jaane Angan Tedha"
 A Bad Workman Blame his Tool - It means you don't know how to dance and blaming that the floor is bend. Those who don't know how to finish a work they always blame the resources.

"Jal Mein Rehkar Magarmacch Se Bair Thik Nahi"

You cannot live in Rome and Fight with Pope - If you are in water don't try to mess with crocodiles.

"Aasman Se Gira Khajoor Mein Atka"
Problem solved but not completely, or you can say " A Situation where you cannot take any step. Original meaning is fallen from the sky and stuck on a palm Tree.

"Ab Pachtaye Hot Kya Jab Chidiya Chug Gayi Khet"

 There is no use crying over spilt milk - Regretting after the unexpected is happened, its just a wastage of time

"Aa Bail Mujhe Maar" 
Its like inviting a buffalo to hit yourself, unknowingly when you invite a worst situation. Sometimes knowingly too.

There are lot more, will soon add, if you want any phrase to be translated pls put in comment box. Thanks For reading



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