Jokes On Husband And Wife

If you marry one woman, She will fight with you.

But, if you marry 2 women, They will fight for you.

Think different. Add wife, have life


One cold winter morning, Rupaben texted her husband Kanjibhai , "Windows frozen."
Kanjibhai texted back, "Pour some lukewarm water over it."
Rupaben's next text: "Now computer is completely toast!"


Wife: Give me your phone for a second
Husband: Wait let me switch it on.
Delete video.
Delete picture.
Delete music.
Delete private folder
Delete number.
Delete sms.
Delete out goin calls.
Delete incomin calls.
Delete mms.
Delete what's app.
Delete bbm.
FORMAT Memory Card...Here u go I have nothing to hide from u!!
Wife: I just wanted to see the time... ....


Dear Father-In-Law,

Deeply Regret taking a Car in Dowry,

Plz Take Your Daughter or Car Back.

Can't Afford Both


Question: When FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter merge into one super social networking company what will it be called?
Answer: They will call it “My Twit Face.”


Once a guy updated his status “I m gonna sleep In Garden tonight”

After sometime

17 mosquitoes liked his status


In a college
application form
when asked about 'permanent
student wrote
. .
. :


Two things are difficult:
1. To plant ur idea in someone's head
2. To plant someone's money in ur own pocket
The one who succeeds in both is called Wife ;


Wife to Doctor: My Husband has the Habit of Talking in his Sleep
What Should I give to cure him?
Doctor: Give him an Opportunity to Speak when He is awake