Some Of The Best About Me Quotes

Dont be so quick to judge me
After all.. you only see what I Choose To Show You

I am the butterfly
Pretty to see but Hard To Catch

I wont mess with Your Head
And play with Your Heart
Coz I m a real girl and i finish what I start

Give me six hours to chop down a tree
And I will spend the first four sharpening the AXE

I am mistaken for a flirt when I am friendly
I am mistaken for mean when I m honest
I am mistaken for sad when I want to be alone
I am mistaken for shy when I m quite
Quit assuming and get to know me!

I am not open to many people.
I am usually quite and don't really like attention
So if i like you enough to show you the real me,
You must be very special

I never hate people who are jealous of me but respect them
They are the people who think that I am better then them

Its ok if you disagree with me..
I cant force you to be RIGHT