5 Main Benefits Of Green Tea

We cant refuse that drinking tea is so common now a days so as "Green Tea"  it became very popular in India too. People who are health conscious they switch to Green Tea, but knowing the actual benefits add more consciousness.

Here are the top 5 benefits that will drag you to Green tea:-

1. Benefits in illness: The antioxidants in green tea helps protecting cells from damage that are linked to cancer.Green tea helps lowering cholesterol which prevents heart disease. Green Tea prevents increase in blood sugar levels and balances metabolism rate.

2.  Beauty Benefits: Green Tea protects the skin from wrinkling and Aging. Drinking Green tea helps you relieve in Allergies   

3. Benefits in infections: Green tea helps ear infections and tooth decay, it kills the bacteria which cause bad breath.

4.  Health Benefits: Green tea has antioxidants that helps bone loss. Catachin found in green tea kills the bacteria which cause food poisoning.

5. Other Benefits: Green tea can help relive stress and anxiety, Flavonoids and polyphenols found in green tea helps boost your immune system, it helps boost our memory.